Business Formation & Contracts

Business Formation

The best way to avoid litigation is to have proper legal representation from the start. This not only minimizes the risk of adverse litigation, but spending a little money up front can save businesses a lot of money in the long run. Proper formation documents, including Articles of Organization, Operating Agreements, Corporate Bylaws, Partnership Agreements, Ownership Agreements, employment agreements, third party agreements, independent contract agreements, leases, and other initial documents are incredibly important to the sustainability of many companies. Proper formation documents mitigate the potential for litigation down the road. Our firm helps prepare and negotiate all of the initial company documents. As no two businesses are identical, we work closely with individuals and other member entities to understand the goals of their business and the nature of their relationship with other members and entities. From there we work diligently to properly prepare initial company documents that everyone understands and is comfortable with so that the business can focus on making profits. We have helped create formation documents for various breweries, meaderies, restaurants, bars, vendors, sales companies, mortgage companies, retail businesses, contractors, construction companies, and many other entities.


Contracts are the baseline of the world economy. Every business operates based on various contractual and other agreements. It is always a good idea to consult legal counsel prior to signing any major contracts. People often interpret the terms of contracts differently after they have already been agreed to. Our firm helps review contracts, prepare contracts, and negotiate all kinds of contracts. We have prepared distribution agreements, asset purchase agreements, employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, and many other types of contracts. We are often contacted by clients to simply review a contract they have been presented with and in those situations, we work with the existing contract to reduce costs to our clients. We have also drafted and negotiated many commercial leases for various clients.