Falling in the Rain: Could You Have a Case?

slipped in the rain

So, you’ve slipped in the rain and really hurt yourself. It’s terrible, because even though you couldn’t help it now you’ve got to miss work and pay medical bills. If you think you’re out of luck, consider speaking with one of the experienced Valrico personal injury attorneys at Mandelbaum Fitzsimmons Hewitt & Cain today.

How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help in My Situation?

The fall may not have been your fault. Just because it was raining doesn’t mean a court will assume that was the cause of your fall. A legal cause is known as a sine qua non or a “but for” cause. An easy way to think of this concept is through phrasing your circumstance as “but for this reason I wouldn’t have fallen.”

Put simply, while the rain may have been a contributing factor in your injury–if that injury was in fact caused by poorly maintained infrastructure (like a drain which empties onto the sidewalk) you may have a case.

If I Have a Case, Why Should I Hire a Valrico Personal Injury Attorney?

Sine qua non is a Latin phrase. Like much of the law, personal injury cases are rooted in a complex legal tradition that can be unwieldy and difficult to make use of by non-lawyers. An experienced Valrico personal injury lawyer should be able to make quick work of your personal injury claim. Employing an attorney could help you catch errors and opportunities in your case that you may not be able to identify on your own. The dollar amounts recovered by personal injury claimants who are represented by legal counsel are statistically much higher than those recovered by people representing themselves.

If you believe you may have a personal injury claim, seek out an expert Valrico personal injury lawyer at Mandelbaum Fitzsimmons Hewitt & Cain today!